Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Birth of Rain

The Birth of Rain

Bathes small birds, fills tropical oceans, washes away bridges, nurtures red flowers, sparkles on green grasses, pulls down great hills, pushes over houses, refreshes fawns, feeds algae, grants puddles to children, cleans the whole earth body, makes wet leaf carpets, sings on tin roofs, hisses (steams) on summer sidewalks, halts baseball games and picnics, rushes rivers, breaks high stone walls, brings people together in doorways, all this great imagining, born vast in eternal mind.

God Owns

God owns Bosnia. God owns Persian cats and dark chocolate. God owns plutonium. God owns rainbows. God owns polyester. God owns stained glass windows. God owns rats and cockroaches. God owns poodles. God owns capitalism and communism and corporate raiders and God owns Rhinocerous water pistols. God owns orchids and pansies. God owns boils and Hunta virus. God owns all my clothes. God owns Tammy Faye Baker’s mascara. God owns Imelda Marcos’ shoes. God owns automatic weapons. God owns orgasms and herpes. God owns my lovers lips and tongue and my clitoris. God owns Kleenex and styrofoam. God owns oil tankers, poisoned birds and boogie boards. God owns shetland ponies. God owns razor blades and Prozak. God owns all the trees everywhere. God owns the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary and all the words in it. God owns particle accelerators. God owns black holes and jelly donuts. God owns all the alligator pocketbooks. God owns bells, church bells, dinner bells, school bells, sleigh bells, Taco Bells. God owns geese honking, crows cackling, cranes taking flight.

Samantha White

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