Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ann Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

I've been silent about this for over 22 years. In the late 80's I directed a video shoot in Los Angeles on one of many, Crystal Conventions. There, I met the guardians of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, Nick Nocerino and Ann Mitchell-Hedges. Both of these people have since passed away. Ann was the daughter of F. Mitchell-Hedges, the explorer who allegedly discovered the skull in Belize. I met Ann and talked with her. She was a dignified, sweet lady who told the story of finding the skull deep within a cavity in a Mayan Temple under excavation in Belize. She told a story about how she shot an intruder in her tent during that dig. I got permission to film close up video of Ann and the skull as long as my intentions were pure and I didn't exploit the film for monetary gain. My impression of Ann was that she was honest, guileless and very sincere. It seems a great stretch to me that she would care to be involved in or perpetrate a hoax for so long and with such conviction. What is so hard about trying to take her at her word? Regarding the recent science explaining the crafting of the skull, I ask, is this research iron clad? Can there be other explanations for the findings. Is it possible that the skull may have been tampered with to produce the so called modern evidence of carborundum? Here's a link to the latest story on the skull from a debunkers perspective:

I saw the skull for quite some time and from very close up. The workmanship on it is extraordinary. Wouldn't you think that counterfeiters would try to make the thing look hand made or rough to some extent to render a veneer of believability? I saw a near perfect piece of art that emanated a strong felt presence.

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